(This has been edited recently to reflect my current situation…I haven’t been not working since January!)

Here we are again. Another blog paved with good intentions. This time, however, things will be different. They will. Why? Because I’m currently experiencing a period where I’m not working – a “bardo” I’d call it if I were a Tibetan Buddhist. And seeing as how there are only so many times I can go swimming in a week, what better way to entertain myself than to succumb to my inner blogger.

This abundance of free time makes me feel like a pensioner enjoying “active retirement”. Photography, drawing, playing the piano and writing were all things I enjoyed doing when I wasn’t at work. Now this is what I do to ensure I don’t shrivel up with boredom, to “keep me active within the community”. Planning a day round going to the post office feels a little sinister. I’m surprised the neighbours haven’t started checking on me, and bringing round casseroles now the weather’s starting to turn.

35 years too early and I’m quasi-retired, making friends with the people in the supermarket just so I have someone to speak to til my husband comes home (the cats stopped listening to me long ago). If I’m not careful I’ll soon be learning how to paint water-colours and citing June Whitfield and Dame Judie Dench as a personal style icons.
Except I won’t be, because I’ll be Blogging.


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