my walkman’s so old there are no photos of it on the internet…

Tunes. They’re what makes the world go round. Or rather, they’re what I go around to in my world. Being out and about to my own private soundtrack makes me walk like I’m in a Massive Attack video (purposefully gliding instead of aimlessly scaffing), see portents and symbols in everything and a trip to the shops becomes a symbol-filled seminal journey. Also, I live in a city which is currently being carved up by machinery and City Council ineptitude. Obviously I’d rather listen to tunes than roadworks and heavy plant.

My parents gave me my first Sony Walkman for my 4th birthday. Red, three-buttoned and with foamy earphones bigger than my head, two tapes accompanied it – The Monkees Greatest Hits and Lovin’ Spoonful Greatest Hits (stand-out tracks to my 4-year-old ears were Daydream Believer, Listen to the Band and Nashville Cats). From then on I was rarely without tunes, and a discerning approach to my record collection was honed to make every minute on an audio cassette count.

About 8 years ago, and leap-frogging the mini-disc and “portable” CD player (to be kept flat and stationary at all times), I was given an iPod. Reluctant at first (the need for IT know-how and PC literacy was immediately off-putting), I was soon a convert. Gone were the limitations of the 90-minute audio cassette, a deft knowledge of fast-forward and rewind timings, and the backpack I needed to carry those tapes around in. In their place was a device the size of a single audio cassette, a Shuffle Songs setting for an endless compilation and a handy Skip button, meaning any duff track could be by-passed with minimal fuss. Plus, it fit in my pocket.

And just like that any track was fair game, thousands of them uploaded without a second thought, my iPod riddled with tunes I’d never want to listen to when out and about. How did I let this happen?

the walkman i shunned in favour of Apple

It needs to be sorted out. Which is why I’m going to apply some perspective on my uploading habits though the medium of…this blog. First 3 tracks played on the Shuffle Songs setting will, whenever I can (be arsed) be documented here along with whether I want them to stay or go. Laying bare what may very well turn out to be a musical horrorshow will hopefully reinstill my inner record-geek, force my hand at the next synching process and completely eradicate my reliance on the Skip button. Or perhaps just horrify everyone that a large percentage of my iPod memory is taken up with Steely Dan’s back catalogue.


One thought on “I Will Attain Shuffle Songs Purism, Dammit!

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