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No animal testing in my world.

There’s a lot I’d do if I were in charge, and not just the obvious stuff like banishing animal testing and polystyrene outright, and people who don’t observe The Sanctity of The Queue (or “line” if you’re not British) to a far-away land where they can live out their days as disorderly, clamouring savages.

One less-obvious thing I’d been keen to introduce to the uninitiated is the workplace Foundation Day. What’s that? Well, as I’ve discovered these last three years, it’s the day that my place of work (a high school) was founded and therefore a day which every year becomes a holiday, just for us. And, conveniently, it’s perfectly acceptable for this day to be fluid to the point that it will always fall on a Friday or Monday.

Surprise three day weekend! Yas!


Yaaaaaas! (kappit.com)

So each year, the school closes on a quasi-random day, students have a great time kicking about town on a weekday, teachers have a great time fearlessly getting drunk on a weeknight and all because 70 years ago a high school in Sokcho opened its doors. Hurrah!


Drawing practice. Better than work.

I have no idea if this is just a Korean public school thing, or if it’s a general public servant thing. What I do know is, the School Foundation Day is the reason that last Monday I found myself having an extra Sunday (lazily making pancakes, drawing and going for lunch) instead of a regular Monday (urgh).

Of course, I were really in charge I’d eradicate Mondays altogether, and instead adopt a 4-day Tuesday-to-Thursday work week. But the Workplace Foundation Day is a solid start. Who’s with me?


One thought on “Happy birthday to….Work?!

  1. Let’s start a movement…launching through the four day week directly to the three day work week…RACHEL FOR PRESIDENT!

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